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    Triggering email on extract status failure

    Subhadip Mukherjee

      Hi Team,


      I am able to see the the _background_tasks view in the Postgres database. The finish_code column will be nonzero if a background task such as an extract is unsuccessful for some reason, and the error message text will be contained in the notes column. Here is the query for that:

      select * from _background_tasks where notes != '' and finish_code != 0.

      What I want  is  to create a script to capture the " extract error" string form the column "note texts". When the script is able to see this it will trigger the email which consist the extract name and workbook name and failure time.

      Please guide me how I can proceed with this. Right now I have windows Task scheduler that track cluster control of port 4096 and send emails. But I want to set up the alerts with details.

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