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    "Force" filtering a table ...

    Sean Howard

      I have a table calculation field that is relative to a specific item of a dimension.

      Assuming that the dimension will be made available to the user for filtering, how can I ensure that the base item of the table calculation if ALWAYS selected?


      In other words if I deselect "Brand 8" then my calculation fails, how can I stop this from happening?







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          Brad Shuel

          Hi Sean,


          After working with the workbook. I might try making another calculated field for the calculation. Something similar to the following.


          [Brand 8 Calculation]

          if [Brand] = "Brand 8" then [Brand] END


          Then, try using this new calculation for the table calculation. In order to base the table calculation off of this new calculated field, I believe the [Brand 8 Calculation] will need to be in the view. I placed it on detail on the marks card.


          I hope this helps.


          - Brad

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            Sean Howard

            Hello Brad,


            Thanks for that. I couldn't quite make you suggestion work  BUT it did lead my down the path to a solution.


            By wrapping you calculated field  into a LOD calculation, any external filtering is ignored. Like this


            [Brand 8 Calculation]

            [Number] / {sum(if [Brand] = "Brand 8" then [Number] end)}



            I think we have a winner.