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      • 15. Re: Tableau Community Upgrade Feedback
        Rody Zakovich

        Spoke too soon.......


        It's right here! LOL


        12-7-2015 9-10-15 AM.png


        Didn't realize this was a Hyperlink.....


        FYI. When you hover over it, you get a Jive tooltip


        12-7-2015 9-11-47 AM.png



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          There are a bunch of things I do not like with the new upgrade. I think a few of them include, not having the time activity and the avatars of the OP who asks the question when you navigate to 'browse all discussions'




          Also, the orange color text of questions and ideas were much better earlier than the black and white page you see now.


          I also think 'advanced editor and add an attachment' could get some color to draw the user's attention and avoid making it difficult for the helper to always point out where they can add an attachment.


          The 2 things that I liked now are that screenshots can be pasted right in the window by hitting CTRL+V which I couldn't do earlier, I always had to insert an image. So that's a plus. And, mentioning someone became a lot easier now that you see the avatar of the person you are tagging:


          I switched to mac from pc and the community page changed a whole lot, so for me a lot has changed. Hopefully it will get better once I get used to it.



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            Toby Erkson

            Rody Zakovich wrote:



            But looking at it this morning, Not having the Site Map drop downs is kinda a bummer, so I agree with Toby on that point.


            I'm seeing far more than the 3.5 Activities Toby is seeing, so I don't know if that has been changed already (Granted I am on Google Chrome).


            Hasn't change for Firefox.  I just checked with IE and it's the same as FF.

            Rody Zakovich wrote:


            I love the ability for anyone to mark a response as helpful, but I wish it could be a little more clear, Having the response in a Green/Yellow border made it very clear to see which responses helped out.


            12-7-2015 8-19-35 AM.png 


            This is more difficult to find on a thread. And the Green border around Correct Answers is also a little difficult to make out (Though it could be my screen res)


            12-7-2015 8-22-58 AM.png


            Having some sort of Icon could make this less harder to identify.


            Yes, I noticed that yesterday as well.  It does need to be more obvious, it's too subtle right now.

            Rody Zakovich wrote:


            P.S. Love the face that the Site is responsive on Mobile now, but there does seem to be some scaling issues. I'll try to put some screenshots together on what I am seeing.

            Oy!  I haven't even tried mobile so thanks for checking it out there

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              Toby Erkson

              Poojitsu, thanks for the screen shot of a mention.  That is a VERY helpful addition!

              • 19. Re: Tableau Community Upgrade Feedback
                Toby Erkson

                The forums are about answering questions.


                Re-order the Welcome page.

                I want to see Unanswered Questions first.  That's why I come here, to help others.  The current first items, Recent Content and Browse Top Discussions, are getting in my way (I gotta scroll down).  And wouldn't the Browse Top Discussions be almost self-fulfilling and it would also often be in the Recent Content, too.  Oh, please please PLEASE remove the advertising... as that is wasting valuable real estate to what could be contributing to the Unanswered Questions list (or if it's required to be present then put it somewhere out of the way, like the very bottom of the page).  We're already here because of the product and there is already a widget for Upcoming Events on the lower right side of the page.


                You know what?  This was my "go to" page to quickly see ANY question that was posted ANYWHERE.  For moderation this was my communications satellite, allowing me to monitor everything going on quickly and without prejudice... [exploring web site for a similar page]  ...Ok, now I have to use an obscure URL (i.e., it's not easy to remember nor type in) to get there:  https://community.tableau.com/content?filterID=all~objecttype~objecttype[thread]

                The benefit I see here, now, is that I can quickly change my view from everything to just my stuff with a single click (I like this):


                Rebuilding my commonly used bookmarks now to the new format.  I think I'm going to sit back this week and get used to the new system as a lot has changed quite a bit.  @Tableau.community (oh good lord, that doesn't show up? ).

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                  Rody Zakovich

                  Is it possible for us to see who has marked a response as Helpful? Similar to how you can with Likes?


                  12-7-2015 10-13-58 AM.png


                  Also (And I don't know if this is even possible) could we link Helpful responses to other Questions?


                  We see so many duplicate questions, that having the ability to easily Link a Helpful response from one Question to another, could help with the Crows Nest, and possibly searching.


                  I'm not sure if my phrasing on this is the best, so if someone else could add-on, that would be great




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                    Rody Zakovich

                    So this one is more of a "New" Feature Request, rather than commenting on Changes (And improvements), but I still really want to have a Resource directly on Tableau for helpful Blogs.


                    12-7-2015 10-28-58 AM.png


                    I am a big believer that the "Tableau Community" reaches further than just the Community.Tableau.com space. People who take their time to provide helpful content on the web are just as much a part of the community, as those who contribute to the forums. I think Tableau agrees with this (At least in some regards) with having Social Media and TUG Ambassadors. So it would be nice to give them additional recognition, and it could be a helpful way to have direct links, when we are providing outside content to people's questions.




                    • 22. Re: Tableau Community Upgrade Feedback

                      I like this new 'messages' section:


                      Gives a nice overview of all your activity in one spot rather than having to navigate to 'activity' and 'content' space separately like before.

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                        Dustin Smith

                        Whoa, I didn't realize you could copy/paste images right into a reply now!!



                        What about animated .gifs??  ..




                        Guess not.  Still easy to upload though.



                        • 24. Re: Tableau Community Upgrade Feedback
                          Toby Erkson

                          It also depends upon the browser.  I've been able to do this with Firefox for quite some time.


                          .GIF copy & pasted:

                          • 25. Re: Tableau Community Upgrade Feedback
                            Rody Zakovich



                            And we can reply right there too without having to navigate to the thread! (To be honest....I don;t know if we could do this before or not)





                            12-7-2015 11-01-49 AM.png


                            Would be nice if we could reply directly to the response, but this is pretty nice!



                            • 26. Re: Tableau Community Upgrade Feedback
                              Rody Zakovich


                              Works on IE too! Sorry, couldn't help but re-post this for "testing" purposes.....

                              • 27. Re: Tableau Community Upgrade Feedback
                                Dustin Smith

                                Wow.  Good call.  I've been experimenting with LICEcap recently as a way to effectively record my desktop and have it immediately output into a .gif (great for quickly and visually helping co-workers with Tableau problems).  Sounds like I may need to re-vive my love for Firefox as a way to streamline my process to quickly respond with copy/pasted solution .gifs.

                                • 28. Re: Tableau Community Upgrade Feedback
                                  Rody Zakovich

                                  There appears to be an Issue with "Likes"


                                  It is only showing 1, but multiple people show up when you click on it....


                                  12-7-2015 11-08-23 AM.png


                                  Maybe it is a timing issue, I just refreshed the page and it updated


                                  • 29. Re: Tableau Community Upgrade Feedback
                                    Rody Zakovich

                                    Also....Don't forget to give your Rating!!!!!


                                    12-7-2015 11-12-06 AM.png

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