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    Dynamic Dashboard Size

    Chris Bennert

      I am working on a dashboard to show contract information. I have a list with basic details (ie name) that includes a filter action to show more in-depth detail (the action defaults to blank when the filter isn't in use). The problem, when nothing is selected it leaves a large blank white space. Is there a way to make the dashboard size change based on the filter? Meaning, if I selected something the dashboard will expand in height to show the detail and when the filter isn't in use shrink in height to not have an empty area. 

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          KK Molugu



          Not that I am aware of..



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            Fabio Idalgo

            Chris Bennett,


            make sure the solution below helps.


            All credits are Joe Mako who created this technique. I'm looking for the item so find I share here.


            The solution consists of a to create a parameter with two options: view or not display the spreadsheet / chart you want. Then you create a calculated field with the contents of your display parameter = yes. This field will calculated as a filter in your spreadsheet, what time do not want to display time.


            The final trick is to place a container, vertically or horizontally on your dashboard, and put the graphics there, which will appear to have according to the parameter, and below.


            In my example, I have a measure of control in this dashboard, which determines whether or not will display the Line Graph (Evolução Semanal in Portuguese)


            1 - Show weekly progress chart. Check that the right parameter "Evolução Semanal? "(Evolution of the Week?) is equal to "Sim" (Yes)

            1 - Mostrar Evolução.png

            2 - Do not show the weekly evolution chart

            2 - Não Mostrar Evolução.png

            3 - Parameter

            3 - Parâmetro.png

            4 - Calculated FieldimageFile.png

            5 - Filter in the spreadsheet = Yes


            6 - Filter in the spreadsheet = No



            Thank you


            Fabio Idalgo

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              Chris Bennert

              Not exactly what I was trying to accomplish....but I think as close as I can get with the capabilities of Tableau. Thanks for your help, I can make that work for what I am trying to do.

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                Fabio Idalgo

                It would be interesting you forward an explanatory screen or print the file so that we can understand better.


                thank you


                Fabio Idalgo