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    Sharepoint 2013 with Tableau Local Different Domains

    Ruben C

      Hi everyone,

      My Tableau server is in a different from my SP 2013 system where the dashboards are to be embedded.

      We've setup Tableau with Local authentication, setup trusted, and have copied the DLL and WPS files to the SP system, per this guide Embed Views into SharePoint (Local Authentication)


      We've added users in Tableau in different formats domain\userID, and userID


      The error,



      Couldn't embed the Tableau view because an exception occurred:


      And on the Tableau server in the logfile:


      2015-12-04 13:21:33.453 +1100 (Default,,-,VmD4rawQOmcAAFVMywkAAAFg) catalina-exec-19 : ERROR wgsessionId= com.tableausoftware.model.workgroup.service.TrustedTicketServiceImpl - Invalid user: i:0#.w|nnnnnnn\nnnnnnnnn


      Any ideas?






      We added the ID in tableau using the same SP claims encoding which also didn't work,




      Final Update


      The case with Tableau support is still open, but I thought it would be a good idea to share some findings. My setup is as follows: Sharepoint 2013, Tabluau is running with local authentication, the SP 2013 ip is a trusted host on Tableau, and the webpart is set with Trusted.


      I updated the webpart code from 9.0 to use the AD Name and not the userID. This works but only with the Tableau default site. The inability of being able to use any Tableau site became a new problem for us.


      The code was modified again, where the webpart now shows a Site ID field while in edit mode, and includes the code to process the ticket with the Site ID. It's all working fine.


      One note on this version of the webpart and the OOB version from Tablaeau when using Trusted. On 1 Sharepoint page you can't have 2 tableau webparts tied to different Tableau sites with trusted set on both. One webpart will process the ticket, while the other will try to reuse it. Tableau won't allow this and the 2nd webpart will show the Tableau login page.  Using the same Tableau site on 2 webparts is not an issue.