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    Removing download option from tableau web

    Mahesh G


      I am trying to setup permissions such that users should be able to edit the workbook from web and save it, but disable download option. While publishing the workbook, I am setting up the following options.



      But when I set "Download/Web save" as as Denied, and "Write/Web Save" as Allow and publish, it is removing the download link but it is also removing the save option in web edit mode. Below are the options I get in edit mode

      Save Option.PNG

      Is there a way where I can enable save option but remove download option.


      I found a way to remove download option by updating in tableau server using tabadmin

      • tabadmin set vizqlserver.showdownload false


      but this will remove option to everyone and every visualization in tableau server. I would like to have download option enable for system administrator.


      Can you please help of there is any other option.