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    DSM TUG Follow up - networking, contact info, etc.


      Greetings all


      During last night's inaugural DSM TUG meet up, we had some questions on networking and if the Tableau Community site had a way to identify email address, etc in case anyone wanted to email or contact someone with questions, etc. There is a way to see email addresses for each member in the DSM TUG, but you need to go into your privacy settings and make sure you change the privacy setting for your email address (or other contact data) to either Everyone, Registered Users, or Connections. If it's set to Yourself, then no one will be able to see the contact info. Here is what I think each of those values mean:


      Everyone: anyone visiting the site, regardless if they are a registered Tableau Community member. Not recommended if you are concerned about privacy.


      Registered Users: Anyone who is registered and logged into the Tableau Community site will see your contact info.


      Connections: Only anyone that you are following, or is following you (not 100% sure on this one).


      Yourself: Will keep your contact info private to only yourself.


      Hope this helps. Personally I set my email address to registered users - if anyone goes to my profile they should see my work email address. Let me know if you can't see it!


      Great seeing everyone last night!