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    How do you make a Web Connector dynamically pull data with a parameter?

    Stephen Ruimveld

      I just finished the tutorial to build a web connector. In the tutorial, when you setup the connector, the user types the ticker symbol and then the data is pulled for that particular Ticker Symbol.  Visualizations can then be built on this.  But it is only good for the one ticker symbol.

      Can this web connector be made to be more dynamic, where a user can type in a new Ticker Symbol in the Tableau interface and have the Web Connector refresh with the new Ticker Symbol?

      Ultimately I would like to create a drill down path as follows:


      1. Open up a view published on a tableau server that has some sort of analysis on public traded companies, say the top 10 companies in the last 24 hours.
      2. Click on any of the top 10 companies and have a URL action call up a second published view passing  the company Ticker Symbol.
      3. This second view would have a Web Connector as defined in the Tutorial, but the web connector would refresh the data by using the new Ticker Symbol...

      This concept will help me create drill down paths to more detail, where parameters are passed and Tableau can dynamically pull the information using the parameters.