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    Extract Has New Data - Old Data Rendered In Server

    Brian Scott

      Hello gurus -


      I'm working with an ETL tool that can write .tde files as an output.  Works great in the desktop environment, but I can't quite get the pieces to fit together in the server environment in the way that I need. Here is what I have done and observed:


      1) Created the .tde.

      2) Pushed the tde to myTableauServer\extracts

      3) Open up desktop.  Point it to myTableauServer\extracts\myTde.tde

      4) Publish to server. 

      5) Schedule the ETL to write a new build of the .tde at 1:00 am.

      6) Come in the next morning.  Observe a .tde with a timestamp of 1:45 am.  Load my viz in Tableau Server.  See old data.  Hitting refresh has no effect.  I do not get an option to schedule a refresh of the extract in Server.  When I publish from desktop, I do not get an option to schedule a refresh. 


      What am I doing wrong?  If this a situation I have to handle via tabcmd?


      Any insight is greatly appreciated.