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    List email address of Users in a specified Group.

    Toby Erkson


      Attached is a very simple workbook that allows the administrator to select one or more Groups to display the name and email address of the Users within.  The version is Tableau Desktop 9.0.



      I created this because a developer (a.k.a., author, publisher, report writer) completed a major report that will have several hundred eyeballs viewing it and there was no email distribution list to let everyone know the report was available.  He asked if there was an easy way for him to get the email addresses or a way to send a notification to everyone in the permission Group.  Unfortunately at this time there is not but I created this report and exported it to Excel as a crosstab, which I sent to him and totally made his day:



      This is very simple and meant to help those who are new to Tableau Server administration.  It shows the basic JOINS of the necessary tables within the Server db to fulfill a need with no unnecessary "fluff" so as to keep it simple and understandable.  The only rename was for Group:  I changed "Name" to "Group Name" to keep things more clear.


      What You Need To Do

      When you open the workbook you will see this:

      Click the "Edit Connection" button and fill out the "Server" and "Password" fields; if you changed the "Username" when setting up your custom administrative user then you will need to change that as well:

      Once done click the OK button and that's it!  Save the workbook and your edited connection information will be saved with the report.  By the way, this is a live connection.


      Your Humble Tableau Padawan,

           Toby Erkson