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    Tableau Server - can we refresh multiple data extracts using multiple windows AD service accounts?

    John Taft

      Morning all,


      sorry for this rookie question.


      I am looking at our Tableau server implementation at work and I would like to know if we can configure each data extract to be refreshed using different credentials? 


      Our current configuration is a server with an AD service account that is "Run As" and this is used to refresh all data extracts on all sites on the server using schedules.  Where this has not been appropriate, we have a number of processes using the tabcmd and providing the credentials for the refresh, however, we would like to use the native scheduling refreshes more often,


      The reason for this is that we have multiple departments with multiple databases\files\tde's on our server, and we would like to give each department a specific windows service account to restrict what accounts have access to which databases.  This also minimises the risk of the account being locked and affecting all of the Tableau server.


      This has been prompted by our security team that has identified that our tableau server "Run As" account has access to all restricted databases, so anyone that knows the service account login details effectively has access to all data in the organisation.  This is something we have to change.


      Please let me know if this is something that is configurable, or obvious!


      Thanks for your help.