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    "error processing template pg_hba.conf.templ" when configure a double node tableau server instance

    CHEN Junxian

      Hi, all


      I'm trying to configure a double node tableau server instance. I have successfully added this worker node(its ip and number of processes) on the configuration panel. But I received a "Worker node initialization failed" error. I've learnt in tabadmin.log that everything was OK before "error processing template pg_hba.conf.templ". Logs are pasted:


      Everything is Ok

      2015-12-01 13:03:02.609 +0800_DEBUG_10.229.241.19:WIN-KIMMORG4U4L_:_pid=9620_0x295bf2a__user=__request=__ Zip bundle is 1180747197 bytes.

      2015-12-01 13:03:02.859 +0800_DEBUG_10.229.241.19:WIN-KIMMORG4U4L_:_pid=9620_0x295bf2a__user=__request=__ Sending worker.zip to worker 1

      2015-12-01 13:03:02.875 +0800_DEBUG_10.229.241.19:WIN-KIMMORG4U4L_:_pid=9620_0x295bf2a__user=__request=__ Connected to

      2015-12-01 13:04:29.127 +0800_DEBUG_10.229.241.19:WIN-KIMMORG4U4L_:_pid=9620_0x295bf2a__user=__request=__ Finished writing 1180747197 bytes.

      2015-12-01 13:04:29.127 +0800_DEBUG_10.229.241.19:WIN-KIMMORG4U4L_:_pid=9620_0x295bf2a__user=__request=__ Finished sending to worker 1

      2015-12-01 13:04:29.127 +0800_DEBUG_10.229.241.19:WIN-KIMMORG4U4L_:_pid=9620_0x295bf2a__user=__request=__ Waiting for worker 1 to finish unzipping

      2015-12-01 13:06:13.850 +0800_DEBUG_10.229.241.19:WIN-KIMMORG4U4L_:_pid=9620_0x295bf2a__user=__request=__ Worker 1 finished

      2015-12-01 13:06:14.370 +0800_DEBUG_10.229.241.19:WIN-KIMMORG4U4L_:_pid=9620_0x295bf2a__user=__request=__ Running prep_worker on worker1:

      2015-12-01 13:06:18.655 +0800_DEBUG_10.229.241.19:WIN-KIMMORG4U4L_:_pid=9620_0x295bf2a__user=__request=__ prep_worker Handling MultiCommand::ReportableError Error processing template pg_hba.conf.templ

      java.net.UnknownHostException: WIN-KIMMORG4U4L

      2015-12-01 13:06:18.655 +0800_ERROR_10.229.241.19:WIN-KIMMORG4U4L_:_pid=9620_0x295bf2a__user=__request=__ Error: Error processing template pg_hba.conf.templ

             java.net.UnknownHostException: WIN-KIMMORG4U4L


      My environment is:

      • Two VMs with MS server 2008. one has 4 cores and 240Gb RAM; the other has 4 cores and 64Gb RAM.
      • These two VMs are not in a domain but in workgroup.
      • I intalled first tableau server 9.0.8 on the primary node(the VM with bigger RAM) and then installed tableau worker software 9.0.8 on the worker node.
      • I've checked Run As account and user permission of drives or repositories on both VMs. The primary node has transferred files to worker node, so I think user account permission might not be the problem.


      I learned in kb that this pg_hba.conf.templ is used to configure external access to tableau database. Should I configure this file manually? Has anyone encountered the same problem? How did you get rid of this situation?


      Thanks for any of your kind help!