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    Tabcmd to export pdf with mixed landscape and portrait orientation

    Stefanus Herryanto

      I used to publish a dashboard and sheets together and set the page setup for dashboard to landscape and sheets to portrait with 'Show Sheets as Tabs' ticked. Then I have tabcmd command with --fullpdf and without specifying the orientation (--pagelayout), it worked well in 8.3 (desktop and server). The dashboard was in landscape while the other sheets were in portrait.


      Since we upgrade to 9.1 (desktop and server), this seems to be defaulted to landscape. I haven't republished the workbook. I haven't changed the tabcmd command (apart changing 8.3 to 9.1 in the command). The result is all in landscape. I did tried to publish a new workbook with same setup: a dashboard in landscape and 2 sheets in portrait. Use tabcmd to extract to pdf and all pages appears in landscape. I could use --pagelayout portrait to force it to be in portrait orientation but the dashboard also in portrait which I prefer it in landscape.


      Just wondering if anyone is facing similar issue and if any solutions or workarounds?