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    ashik indavara

      I want Monday to Friday Multiple value filter so that when i select Monday it has to link with "Paid on (M)" in scenarios , or else if i select Tuesday and Monday then in Scenarios it has to show me "Paid on (TM)" so on. I've attached the screen shot please do refer.


      Please help me doing this.




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          Sankarmagesh Rajan

          Hi Ashik


          Create each day calc and then add with parameter.

          Create calc as [S]

          if datepart('weekday',[Order Date])=1 then "S"

          else "F"




          if datepart('weekday',[Order Date])=1 or datepart('weekday',[Order Date])=2 then "SM"

          else "F"



          Create new calc as

          if [Select Week]="S" then [S]

          elseif [Select Week]="SM" then [SM]

          elseif [Select Week]="MT" then [MT]

          else "F"



          create new calc as

          [Select Week]=[Parameter calc]


          Drag this last calc into filter and select true.


          Now we can get selected day value.


          Refer attached.




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            ashik indavara

            Hello Sankar,


              Thanks for your time. The problem is i should use only Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday as multiple value filters so that i could link it with the given scenarios data which i've shared as a image. and this has nothing to do with given date.


            I think we should use variable weekdays as filters in which i've got stuck with.