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    Vlookup/Filtering on Totals for a Given Month but still show all results

    Joan Pecht

      Hello Tableau Community!


      This is a complicated question that I will hopefully be able to explain clearly. I've searched up and down for this but have no had much luck.


      I have a set of data that is Amount spent in a Country on a day.

      I've created a chart that sums up $ spent rolled up by month for each Country.


      What I want to do is Filter out any country where the latest month is <$100. If I spent $100+ in that country in October, then that country will populate in the graph AND show all data points. Every time I've tried to filter and run calculations, it is scrubbing out any data <$100 for any month, or it is only showing me October data.


      So in the attached workbook, I'm trying to show all data points for AU, BE, and BR. Even though I may have spent <$100 in prior months, because the current month is greater than $100 I want it to show.


      I thought I had a huge win with the lookup function, but it looks up the last row data and not the last column. The user wants me to keep the graph in this format and not switch it around (which would make my life easier....)


      Hopefully my question makes sense!