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    Delta Difference

    Susan Koumpouras

      Looking to create the Delta (Change) in Issues added to backlog vs Items released on a given date.


      Any Ideas? 


      We have data in this format 


      User Story  |    Date Created   |   Date Released.



      Already plotted the following on separate graphs



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          Derrick Austin

          Hey Susan,


          Have you considered doing this as a dual axis, which would combine the charts into a single chart?


          Without looking at your data, I'd assume you have the two setup as different fields, so pull both into the "Rows" column and right click the second one, select "Dual Axis."


          Make sure to synchronize your axis by right clicking on the right hand one and selected "Synchronize".


          Derrick Austin

          InterWorks, Inc.

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            Daniel Vincent

            Would this give you the ratio you're looking to achieve?


            (SUM([Backlog Created])-SUM([Backlog Released])/SUM([Backlog Created])

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              Zach Leber

              Hi Susan. If your data is sparse, i.e. you don't have stories created and released every time period, you can reshape your data using Custom SQL (convert every original row to two rows) to plot a running total and the deltas. We do this a lot at my work, I call it a Delta-Queue graph, it's a very powerful tool. I've attached a 9.1 packaged workbook and an image of the type of graph/data you can produce.





              P.S. You might want to delete your other post in order to consolidate replies.



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