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    Initialize multiple views in trusted auth-JS API

    Amit Yeshayahu

      Hello ,


      I  working in  trusted mode  and I  had  dashboard with 8 different worksheet ,and i was initialized it with one ticket  , but now I must split the dashboard to multiple vizs (8) , the problem now is in that I was to initialized  the vizs  with  one ticket,

      But now I have 8  viz that I need the load separately. I tried to work with one ticket in  all the  Vizs  but only the first one was loaded  and the others showed error that the ticket is not valid , I can’t use the same ticket for all my Vizs ? They are in the same workbook…

      Is there any workaround or  I must get 8 different tickets for each  one of my VIzs ?



      Many Thanks in Advanced ,