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    Automating restoration script

    jostna srinivas

      Hi Team,


      i am trying to restore the backup created on daily basis. In this respect, what my requirement is


      1.activate the license key,

      2.restore the backup

      3.restore the license key.


      Now I had a issue. when coming to step2 i was able to restore by providing backup file name.but I want this script to run daily which means it should automatically take the backup file created on that particular day.

      Below is the script written with static file name.


      start/wait tabinstallck.exe -activate xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> %log%
      tabadmin restart >> %log%

      tabadmin restore E:\TableauData\backupfile-2015-11-23.tsbak --restart >> %log%

      start /wait tabinstallck.exe -return xxxxxxxxxxxxxx >> %log%
      tabadmin restart >> %log%

      tabadmin status >> %log%


      Can you please help me