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    Table containing numeric and string variables


      Hello Tableau Community,


      First off, thanks for posting in these forums.  They have been immensely helpful.


      I need to create a table that contains numeric and string variables.  The table is structured such that each identifier lines the first row and each descriptor (both numeric and string) lines the first column.


      So far, I have been able to do so only with numeric (measure) variables by dragging these variables into the measure values section, then dragging measure values into rows.  These numeric values automatically turn to "Sum of [Var]" and giving me the correct display I want.  However, categorical/string values are not allowed in the measure values shelf. 


      The table will also need to filter by an identifier.  Please find attached an example workbook demonstrating this problem.  In this workbook, I would like to put [State] and [Country] in the same column as [Population] and [Change].

      Is there a way to do this using a calculation?


      Thank you.