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    Grand Total is not working as expected

    camila pereira

      Hi everyone,


      Sometimes, I need to replace the amount spent from one measure, with the amount spent from another measure, when my arrangement type is a specific value.  The calculation is like this:



      ATTR([Publisher])="xxx" THEN sum([Media Cost2])

      ELSE sum([Media Cost])



      Sometimes I need to use different data sources, but the calculations is basically the same. But on both cases, the Grand Total does not work. It shows me the Grand Total only for Media Cost2, as if the calculation was never executed.


      I read the explanation on how to fix it here: http://drawingwithnumbers.artisart.org/customizing-grand-totals-part-2/

      But I could not get it to work. I was hoping someone could help me out with this issue.



      Thank you so much.