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        Tina Matt

        That worked, thanks. I get the True and False options now but I am having another issue.


        In the below image you can see that even though all the Quarters are selected, 2015-Q4 is not being displayed after I add the filter.





        Any idea why it is happening?



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          puspak Agasti

          Hi Tina,


          It's difficult to say without looking at the workbook.

          Would you be able to attached the workbook?

          • 17. Re: Week/Quarter
            Tina Matt

            I have attached the data as well as the tableau workbook. Please take a look and if you can let me know what I am missing, it would help me a lot.


            Also, the excel sheet has the calculations that I am trying to recreate in tableau.


            Thanks for your help and appreciate your patience in sticking with this. Hope we find a solution..



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              puspak Agasti

              Can you update the Max WeekinQTR Calculation to this:


              window_max(if month(max([mnth]))=month(today()) and year(max([mnth]))=year(today()) then (max([Week in Qtr])) end)


              I had not considered the year earlier so it was considering Dec 2014 as max month.


              Let me know if it works.

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                Tina Matt

                It works !! Thank you so much for sticking with it..


                Appreciate your help..

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                  Tina Matt

                  I am not sure if I need to start a separate thread, please let me know if you want me to. Sorry for the inconvenience.


                  I am trying to create another calculated field, Margin, which is (Net Sales - Net Cost)/Net Sales. For some reason the values are not coming as desired. Can you please take a look when you have a moment.


                  Also, I am trying to create a chart which is in the attached excel sheet from the above data but unable to get it. I am looking to get margin on the secondary axis. Can you please take a look and let me know your thoughts..


                  Thanks for your time.



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                    Shawn Wallwork

                    Tina, generally speaking if there is a green checkmark next to the title of a thread, you should start a new one. The reason is that many (most?) of us don't expand/open threads that are already answered. So if your follow on question is simple and can probably be answered by the folks already involved then stick with them. But if your follow on question takes things is a new, or additional, direction then definitely post a new Q.





                    • 22. Re: Week/Quarter
                      Tina Matt

                      Okay I will. Thank You!

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