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    row level security and hide filters

    Sesh Reddy


      I'm building a row level security model. Based on user login details, the required dataset will be fetched from data source.

      If I use using live connection. It works fine as below.


      Here is the example. The user_name is nothing but the login credentials.


      User_name OrderID SaleAmount

      Sesh            1             10

      Divs             2              20

      When Sesh login, he should be allowed to see only his row.


      I've applied the filter as below.


      Edit Data source filters -> [User_name]=USERNAME()

      It works, however - the filter gets applied on source query. Since it's heavily used table, it has to hit source every time a user runs the query.


      I'd like to fetch all the data once and then apply the filters, I could avoid hitting the database several times.


      I thought I'd use a calculated column and apply a filter in a tableau report. However, the filter will be displayed to user, which is annoying.


      Can I hide the filter completely from user ?  Or is there any other methodology to use this.


      Totally Other question - Can I schedule the EXTRACT