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    Regular Expression Works, Needs Tweaking...

    Jay Swan

      I used one of the discussion topics to re-create, and have a regular expession search box working in a report.
      The thing is that the expression matches only on the end of the AccountName string value.


      My QuickFilter for AccountName used the follwing code:

      If REGEXP_MATCH([AccountName],[Regex]) = True then [AccountName] END


      When the content of my Quick Filter is: INC$ the QuickFilter returns only the records with INC as the end of the AccountName

      IT returns XXXXX Company INC with no issues....

      It DOES NOT return XXXXX INC Company....


      I need the code to return AccountNames where INC is present, regardless of location, in the AccountName.


      Tableau 9.0


      TIA, Jay