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    Minimum network infrastructure required to work?

    Alex Bitton

      Good afternoon everyone,


      The company I currently work for wants to start using Tableau along with Tableau server, but we are having a few doubts related mainly to the network requirements for this to work.


      The reason for this is that our company is based in Spain, but its operations all happen in Africa and South America. This raises a problem: the internet connection on some of those places is really really bad. I mean <1mbps bad. I did some tests with a public workbook I had and another one I encountered in the gallery, and from the looks of it, it seems when you open a visualization w/ the browser, a lot of stuff is downloaded. One thing i noticed is that the site always loads a lot of JS scripts, for every viz i open.


      I've been playing with this example

      | Tableau Public

      and it makes, in total, 80 requests to display the page, which total 2.4 MB:

      • 1MB in scripts
      • 1MB on what i can only assume it's the raw data
      • and the rest (400kB) in CSS, HTML and Images used.


      Imagine this on a 1Mbps line: 2.4 * 8 = 19.2, so it would be 20 seconds just to download the data necessary to display the page.


      So the questions I have are:

      • how much bandwidth (minimum) should a client have in order to guarantee smooth browsing in tableau server
      • are the JS scripts that are downloaded every time the same for each workbook? If so, can't they be cached entirely?
      • does Tableau Server work in a different manner than Tableau Public when it comes to network behaviour
      • can anything be done on the WB created with Desktop to minimize the bandwidth used, without having to sacrifice how much data I wanna work with?


      Thank you and regards,



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          John Kuo



          I don't think <1mbps is suitable for any enterprise software With Tableau Server, there are certain timeout settings you can extend but it doesn't speed up anything really, just extend active load time before Tableau Server times out and spits out an error. How about sharing cell phone data? Use cell phone as hotspot if you have 3G or 4G speed. But then, it may be too cost prohibitive.