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    Poor resolution in Tableau Desktop 9.1 for Mac

    Alex Cook

      Hey gang,


      Is anyone else noticing poor resolution in 9.1 compared to 9.0 in Tableau for Mac? I've searched the internets but no one else seems to be encountering this issue (or at least, they are not discussing it). I am comparing the same dashboard in 9.1 vs 9.0 and there seems to be some noticeable differences between the two: fonts are fuzzier, bold is not as bold, and borders in a map are blurred as well. Here's what I'm seeing:











      Same workbook, one opened w 9.0, one opened w 9.1. This appears to be only an issue with Tableau 9.1 for Mac; I've tested it in Windows and the 9.1 version looks fine. It also renders fine once published to Server, so really the issue is limited just to rendering in Tableau Desktop 9.1 for Mac. Sigh. If anyone else has run into this issue and come up with a way around it your thoughts/insight would be welcome. Thanks much.