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    Calculating multiple rolling aggregates and plotting on the same chart

    shwetha srinivasan



      I am trying to do the following in a single plot (even if two charts are being used, that would still be acceptable).

      The data-set is at Month-Product-Market-Manufacturer level. I need to create a view which shows aggregated previous 3 months of sales, aggregated previous 6 month of sales, aggregated previous 12 months of sales and aggregated current year sales.

      I need all these 4 values on the same plot and connected in a line chart. A visual snapshot of what I have to do can be seen below. Multiple Measures Chart.png

      Each of the red dots can be assumed to be sales overall and each of the blue dots can be assumed to be cost overall for each of P1, P3, P6, P12 and YTD


      Any help is much appreciated!


      Thanks & Regards,