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    Has anyone embedded Tableau into EPIC?

    Dawn Furseth

      If so, would you mind explaining how you did this? And maybe even send a screenshot along?



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          Steve Palfy

          You can create a URL link in a Radar Dashboard component to link to Tableau. You would want to select the option to open the link in a new (local) browser session. Opening any link within Hyperspace will affect your Citrix server performance and is probably not a good idea. Search Epic Galaxy for information on Radar Components or look at the training companions for Radar. 

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            Brenda Fosmire

            Thanks for the Citrix tip - that will be important for us. 

            We'll be trying to embed Tableau in Radar dashboards in the next couple of weeks.

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              David Katz

              I'm following this thread because I just learned of the Epic-Tableau integration announcement, and so far have been unable to find any specifics in the Tableau documentation.  We get a lot of requests where users want to click through from patient-level detail on the report to a patient's chart in Hyperspace.  It would be great if this could be done from Tableau, does anyone have more details about this? 

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                Brian Allee

                This is an interesting topic that I have also been dealing with, I see these posts are pretty old now... did you ever get a response that added value. I have a mock up complete with Tableau integrated into our Hyperspace environment but would like to discuss best practices with anyone that has implemented this into production. Likely we will not be able to share screens due to rules that Epic likes to impose on their customers, could connect to discuss the implementation process as well as use cases that were low hanging fruit.

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                  Hope Stiles

                  I recently attended a Tableau Healthcare Showcase presentation in Baltimore, MD.  There was a presenter that spoke about having dashboards embedded in Epic and I believe they said it had actions that would take them to other parts of Epic. I believe the presenter was David Russell, a Tableau employee.  I can't find the slides right now though. 

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                    Jeffrey Kritzman

                    I am very interested in this - did you ever get this implemented?


                    We have started to put Tableau dashboards in Radar, but we haven't yet done anything going the other way (e.g. interacting with the dashboard takes you to the patient chart in Epic).  Would be interested to hear how others are doing this.



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                      Hope Stiles



                      We are still looking into options for this here.  There are systems that have successfully done it though.  I think Mark Jackson at Piedmont might have some insight.



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                        Mark Jackson

                        You can read about constructing the Epic action links on Epic's User Web. Honestly, the documentation isn't great though. Once you know how to construct the link, it is pretty easy to implement. It is just a URL action in Tableau that works as long as Tableau is embedded in Hyperspace. Below are a couple of examples we've used that link you to Patient Station and Chart Review. You need to insert a PAT_ID that is left padded with 10 (or 11?) characters into the URL. Hope this helps!



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                          Jeffrey Kritzman

                          Great!  Thank you - I will be looking into this in the near future.



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                            Christopher Galis

                            We are looking to align reporting from Tableau to EPIC reports/dashboards and possibly embed also.


                            There are some easy to replace reports (think simple line charts), but I feel that if we align/convert some and not others we will lose centralization and dynamic dashboards interactivity, along with a "clean" look. The dashboards we need to preserve are due to the level of analytics that we have in Tableau. So my main questions are:


                            1. Has anyone had much success in converting simple Tableau dashboards into EPIC "equivalents?"
                              1. If so, any tips on how to make the layout/look-and-feel stay consistent, with some EPIC components and some Tableau embedded Vizzes?
                            2. What are some of the drawbacks (if any) to embedding Tableau dashboards into Radar (using the launch into a local browser option)?
                            3. How straightforward was the data sourcing process for existing Tableau reporting when converting?
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                              Galen Busch

                              Also following this thread -


                              There appears to be good documentation of the 'announcement' of this integration, and incredibly sparse information on how to perform this.

                              We are looking into this - has anyone here had any success?

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                                Nick Heigerick

                                Starting a new project integrating Tableau and Epic so I'll be following this thread.


                                Still hammering out project plans but here is some basic info:

                                - Standing up Epic instance on VMs with Linux OS.

                                - Current plan is to stand up Tableau Server on VMs, Microsoft OS.

                                - Will be connecting to Caboodle/Cogito

                                - Want to embed Tableau dashboards in Epic



                                - Are there any advantages to running Tableau on Linux keeping everything on the same OS?

                                - What are the drawback to implementing Tableau on VMs Vs Physical servers?

                                - Does anyone have experience embedding Tableau in Epic, other than what Mark Jackson done?


                                Thanks in advance for any information shared.

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                                  David Katz

                                  I recently became aware of a presentation from Epic XGM 2017 that addresses a number of the integration issues.  Assuming you have access to Epic UserWeb, navigate to


                                  2017 Events > XGM > Analytics Advisory Council


                                  Title of the presentation is "ANC45 Keeping Users in Hyperspace with Radar BI Integration"

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