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    Need to programmatically log in with Javascript API

    Marshall White

      Prior to upgrading to version 9.2 users were able to login by typing their credentials into the form within the IFRAME.


      Now the login form is shown externally in a separate browser pop-up window.  When users enter credentials in the external pop-up window the pop-up window disappears and the VIZ doesn't change.


      We tried using the REST token - which worked to a point, but as soon as we touch it from the javascript API the chart disappears and the login link appears.

      We can't login automatically, and users cannot login manually at this point.

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          Tamas Foldi

          what do you want to achieve? you must never use JS API to logon. I am sure the solution will be a server side script and trusted authentication.


          can you just describe more your use case?

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            Renato DeGasperis

            We also thought that trusted authentication was the answer, and unfortunately it only "almost" works...

            We can get it to work, but not reliably.


            What we are trying to do is show a viz embedded on a web page that is hosted in a client server application using the Microsoft web-browser activex control.

            we don't have a choice at the moment on changing this ( we will in the future ), but at the moment what happens is the tableau login screen displays, and the user enters their credentials. it looks like it is logging in, but the information is either lost or not accessible by the webpage hosted in the activex control, and the login doesn't appear to complete because the viz does not display.


            With trusted authentication we have no trouble obtaining tickets, but sometimes the viz just does not display completely. it appears to complete, but ends up just being blank.

            Seems to happen 1 out of 10 times roughly. 9 times it works. We are using Tableau Server 9.2. I seen another similar message by another person in the community, but no answer to that one either.


            Any insight to either problem is appreciated... 

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              Rahul Tokase



              Did u find any solution to this ?