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    How to make a custom grid or 'map'

    Emanuel Steiner

      Hi Tableau Community,


      I would like to be able to make a custom grid which represents a shelving system on which we display our products. Our projects have shelf positions such as 01-FG which mean they are placed on shelf 1 in position FG, i.e. in the space shown by the XX in the following diagram. We could also have a narrower product in position 03-D (shown by Y) or a wider product in position 05-ABC (shown by ZZZ). All grid positions are occupied in our shelving system (no gaps should appear unless a product is out of stock).




      In our DB we have the products marked with this shelf position, but I'm struggling to create a visualisation (with no gaps!) that represents what our shelving system looks like.


      My goal is to get a visual representation of our stock, with the idea that a white gap shows an out of stock product and stock levels are shown in colour i.e. red (low stock), light green (stocked), dark green (heavy stock). I've attached my screenshot so far, but the problem is there are gaps which should not be there.


      For example, you'll see in the screenshot that in location 01-A is a product, however this product should visually appear in boxes 01-AB (since the product is 01-AB).


      Of course, the issue is that I have a rigid grid, and so the products are not "mapping" to a location, rather a grid position.


      One further thing to bear in mind is that our products change each week on the shelves, for example, we have maybe 10 different products that can appear in position 01-AB, depending which are selected for sale that week.


      Is it possible to create a custom map to generate this type of visualisation? It would be amazing if someone could give me some pointers if they have had or read about this kind of issue before!


      Thank you!

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          Esther Aller

          Hi Emanuel,


          One possible solution is to actually use a background image of the shelf layout and box out the spots on the shelves. The video Background Images goes over the whole process to use that method.


          Resolving the issue where a product that should show in two grid positions is only showing in one in a crosstab depends on exactly how the data is structured and how the view is set up. Would it be possible to post a packaged workbook showing what you have? Maybe with sample data if the data is sensitive?


          I hope this helps!

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            Emanuel Steiner

            Hi Esther - that is perfect, thank you!! This is just what I was looking for I'll have a play around and share a packaged workbook if I can't get the data to work, but I'm pretty sure I won't have any more problems - this is just what I was after.