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    Data - A Universal Language #ISpeakData

    Tracy Rodgers

      Hi Tableau Community!


      It's been said that data is a universal lagnuage. This means that you should be able to connect with anyone from anywhere in the world and use data as a medium to have a conversation, regardless of the language. However, that's not always the case because sometimes you want to have a conversation about what the data is saying.

      We are proud to announce that the Tableau Community is now making it easier to talk to more people about Tableau and data with others, no matter what language you speak.


      You can translate any thread to your specified language by simply clicking the Translate Page to: __ check box at the top of the page under "Free Trial". (For more information, check out FAQ: Tableau Community Translations)


      Let's celebrate and see this new feature in action by having a conversation about just that - DATA!


      For inspiration, start with answering the following question(s) in your desired language.


      1. What makes data a universal language and why is data important to you?
      2. Who in the community has had an impact on you? Tag that person (using the '@' + their name) and let's really get the conversation flowing.


      At the end of the week, we'll select up to 10 winners who responded in their language and send a bit of swag



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          Tracy Rodgers

          I'll kick this one off!


          Data is a universal language because "Data doesn't lie." I can look at the same viz in English, Spanish, Chinese, etc. and I'll be able to tell which data point has the highest or lowest value - even if I'm unsure of what it represents. It's hard to dispute numbers and values. Because of data, people from all over the world are able to come to a consensus on what the issue at hand is. It's how we deal with that data that leads to the bigger discussion.


          I don't know where to start with who in this community has had an impact on me - there are so many of you! Maybe I'll start with someone who I work with on a daily basis at Tableau, and who also speaks Spanish Diego medrano

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            Jonathan TRAJKOVIC

            Salut à tous!


            Je vais également me lancer dans ma langue maternelle à savoir le Français!


            1. Qu'est ce qui fait que les données sont un langage universel et pourquoi les données sont importantes pour moi ?


            Les données sont un langage universel car elles permettent de parler de n'importe quel sujet à n'importe qui. Elles sont intelligibles par tout le monde à partir du moment où elles sont correctement présentées. Pour preuve, les visualisations que nous (la communauté française) réalisons sont comprises par tous que vous soyez anglophones, hispanophones ou autre. De plus, elle sont pour ma part un moyen d'expression sur certains sujets comme dernièrement les attentats à Paris.


            2. Qui dans la communauté à eu un impact sur vous ? Citez cette personne (en utilisant '@' + le nom) et laissez la conversation prendre son envol!


            Dans cette grande, très grande communauté Tableau je vais citer quelques personnes qui m'ont orienté lorsque j'ai débuté avec Tableau en 2012. Il y a Shawn Wallwork car il est présent dans un nombre incalculable de questions, Jonathan Drummey car il a des réponses très précises, détaillées et pertinentes sur des points complexes et Joe Mako car il est un des piliers de cette communauté. Ces trois personnes représentent très bien l'étendue, la pertinence et la connaissance que représente la communauté Tableau. Et j'ai été très honoré de les rencontrer cette année à Las Vegas! :-)


            Bonne soirée à tous!


            Jonathan T.

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              Mark Bradbourne

              This is awesome!


              A few times I've seen posts in Portuguese, French and Spanish and I've taken a stab at helping them, using google translate, figuring out what they are in need of, then posting back a message using google translate to try and help them get what we all need; DATA!


              In my last position I was responsible for BI in Latin America and Asia-Pacific, and trying to work through problems with language barriers can be challenging to say the least. It does truly boil down to the language of data, and enabling people of all languages to have information at their fingertips.


              I'm glad to see the Tableau Community get a little bit bigger and inclusive with this awesome addition to the forums. BRAVO!


              ...and a special shout out to Rody Zakovich - I've learned so much from that guy!

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                Diego medrano

                Aprecio los datos por la misma razón que aprecio el lenguaje en general: Los datos se puede presentar de muchas maneras y ser manipulados como se crean conveniente. Puede utilizar los datos para enfatizar ciertos puntos o contar una historia específica. La diferencia es que cualquiera puede manipular los datos y navegar de manera vertical para encontrar verdades objetivas, sin hablar el mismo lenguaje verbal.


                Hay muchas posibilidades, pero alguien que me ha influido es rody.zakovich. Rody está en la escuela, trabaja a tiempo completo, casando, y apenas duerme, pero él siempre ayuda a los clientes en una manera paciente y reflexiva. Él excita a los usuarios   a usar Tableau y su trabajo me inspira.

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                  Diego medrano

                  Also, now that we have this translation, let's be on the lookout for posts we can answer. Saw a couple in the Crow's Nest such as:


                  Como Criar um Parâmetro Dinâmico



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                    Cathy Bridges

                    Data may be a universal language, but it's a language that requires interpretation. That's why I would assert a more accurate statement is that data visualized is a universal language. I created a workbook to locate competitor stores within a given radius based on a public workbook that had been created to track measles outbreaks in Germany. I didn't need to know German or be familiar with the locations...I could understand what the calculations were doing, and I knew I could use them too. On more than one occasion, I've dived into a Tableau Public viz that is not in my native language. But because of the visual nature of Tableau, I was able to understand the gist of the presentation.


                    Data is important to me because it's like clues in a crime scene. It leads me to the why behind the what. Like forensic evidence, data can be complete or partial, clean or messy... but it points me down a path. It spurs my brain to formulate answers, and also new questions.


                    A number of people have influenced me in the community. Being self-taught in Tableau, the community was my "Google" to find answers to complex questions, or "how to" articles. In that regard, the person who stands out as someone always willing to help out and share valuable training is @Joe Mako. He was the first recognizable face from the forums, and one who repeatedly offered a great solution to peoples' questions.

                    • 7. Re: Data - A Universal Language #ISpeakData
                      Alexander Mou


                      Vizible Difference: La Crème de la Crème







                      Vizible Difference: Thank-You Note to the Tableau Community

                      如果只能提一个人的话,非Joe Mako莫属。


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                        Alexander Mou

                        L'interprétation du Chinois en l'Anglais par l'ordinateur laisse beaucoup à désirer......

                        Et c'est pas si facil. Je comprends.

                        2015-11-23 14_37_32-Data - A Universal Language #ISpeakData _ Tableau Support Community.png

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                          David Pires

                          I’ve seen this on Twitter and I had to join in.

                          I think it’s great that Tableau is putting some resources into this.


                          I love languages and as Diego mentioned data like languages can be interpreted in various ways.

                          But a language barrier should not stand in the way of accessing data and I’ve been trying to put that into some of my visualisations. On this one I ended up doing two versions of the same dashboard so that users who spoke Portuguese could see the data in the same way as the English speakers. https://public.tableau.com/profile/david.pires#!/vizhome/EarlySchoolLeaving/ChooseLanguage

                          Recently after seeing a post from Alexander Mou it prompted me to start helping people on the Portuguese and Spanish speaking forums, it has been great because I get to help people but I get to learn so much about through the experience as well.

                          • 10. Re: Data - A Universal Language #ISpeakData
                            Jonathan Drummey

                            I think what makes data a universal language is two-fold: One is that most data is based on observations of the world around us and we can independently verify and/or those same observations. The other is that the way we express data is in one sense a dialect of the universal language of math. The aggregations and transformations we use are expressed as mathematical algorithms, the choice of axis lengths, mark sizes, mark positions, etc. are driven by algorithms, and so on.


                            In the community there are way too many inspiring folks to list, so I'm just going to start with the first ones who I saw  here in forums when I started using Tableau: Joe Mako, Richard Leeke, and Andy Cotgreave.

                            • 11. Re: Data - A Universal Language #ISpeakData
                              Simon Runc

                              hi All,


                              Loving the new Translate function.

                              What makes data a universal language and why is data important to you?

                              Every decision we make, or opinion we form (whether we realise it or not!) comes from an assessment of the 'available' evidence, and based on a 'probabilistic' assessment of that evidence; we form our opinion. We base this on what is 'most likely to be true' (to us), IMHO. The problem with this is the word 'evidence' and what constitutes 'evidence'. For me 'evidence' needs to be 'neutrally attest-able' (that is both sides of an 'opinion' [including those without a view] can agree on that 'evidence'). This is where data comes in...and when visualised well, allows everyone to see the same 'base-evidence' that 'opinion' is based on. How that data is interpreted (and conclusion reached) is due to a myriad (experience, culture, upbringing...etc.) of forces, but unless we all start from the same 'base-evidence' shifting 'opinion' (aka true learning) and discussion becomes circular. This to me is the importance of data to critical thought (and also progress, however that is defined!) - a few words in there to test the translator!!

                              Who in the community has had an impact on you? Tag that person (using the '@' + their name) and let's really get the conversation flowing.

                              There are so many people on the community that have been a huge source of learning and inspiration is hard to pick just one, but if my hand was forced I would say Jonathan Drummey. My Tableau knowledge has been increased/accelerated hugely from this 'experimental' work, and his willingness to share this knowledge and help people (as well as explain it in such a clear way)....a true community hero!

                              • 12. Re: Data - A Universal Language #ISpeakData
                                Rody Zakovich


                                1. What makes data a universal language and why is data important to you?


                                Data is our way of breaking cognitive bias. It's our way to see the world as it is, and not as we believe, or wish it to be. Data has no boundaries, it has no laws or religion, it is only truth (As long as WE, don't miss use it). This is why data is a Universal Language. Because it brings meaning, and understanding to a world full of chaos. It brings light to the dark. There is no telling how far we can go with data.



                                2. Who in the community has had an impact on you? Tag that person (using the '@' + their name) and let's really get the conversation flowing.


                                This is a tough one. Much like Simon said (Sorry no pun intended!) there are so many individuals who have helped me better understand Tableau. So many people who have changed my way of thinking. But if I had to mention one, it would have to be Jonathan Drummey . Jonathan has pushed me to think about WHY Tableau does what it does. His responses/posts pushed me to investigate. It's not about "follow these steps", it's about "Why we need to follow these steps".


                                Best regards,


                                • 13. Re: Data - A Universal Language #ISpeakData
                                  Mahlet Nigatu
                                  1. What makes data a universal language and why is data important to you?


                                  ዳታ መረጃ ነው። ማንኛውንም ውሳኔ ለመወሰን በዳታ የተደገፈ መረጃ ያስፈልጋል። በምሰራበት የስራ መስክ ብዙ ዳት ቢኖርም ዳታውን ወደ ጠቃሚ መረጃ መቀየር ከባዱ ስራ ነው። ለዚህም ነው እንደ አንደ ዳታ አናሊትነቴ ለጠያቄዎች በዳታ የተደገፈ መልስ መስጠት የሚያስደስተኝ።


                                  2. Who in the community has had an impact on you? Tag that person (using the '@' + their name) and let's really get the conversation flowing.

                                  ለታብሎ ኮሚውኒቲ አዲስ ነኝ ለአብዛኛው ጥያቄዎቼ መልስ የማገኘው ከኦንዲማን ትሬኒንግና ሌሎች የሰሩትን ዳሽቦርዶችን በማየት ነው

                                  • 14. Re: Data - A Universal Language #ISpeakData
                                    Eva Murray

                                    Hi there,


                                    1. What makes data a universal language and why is data important to you?

                                    Numbers don't lie, they're black and white and they can tell a story in any language.


                                    Ich kann Daten und Fakten benutzen, um die gleichen Information zu vermitteln, egal, ob ich den Sachverhalt meiner Mutter, meinem Chef oder einem kleinen Kind erklaeren moechte. Das ganze wird umso leichter, wenn ich meine Informationen visuell darstelle, so dass jeder sofort sehen kann, wovon ich rede.


                                    Daten sind fuer mich persoenlich wichtig, da es in der heutigen Flut von Informationen oft schwierig ist, die 'Wahrheit' herauszufinden. Wenn ich wirklich wissen will, was passiert ist, dann kann ich mich nicht auf Geschichten und Erzaehlungen verlassen, sondern muss mit Logik, Fakten und einem wissenschaftlichen Ansatz an das Thema herangehen.


                                    2. Who in the community has had an impact on you? Tag that person (using the '@' + their name) and let's really get the conversation flowing.

                                    This community is awesome and has helped me greatly over the last couple of years since my Tableau journey began. At this year's conference in Las Vegas I had the pleasure to meet a bunch of really awesome people, some of whom presented on a number of different topics.

                                    I have gained not just inspiration, knowledge and new ideas, but also new friends, so thanks to:

                                    Andy Cotgreave, Andy Kriebel Brian Prestidge jonathanmacdonald Paul Houghton Tom Brown Emanuele Farotti mac bryla Alan Eldridge Molly Monsey Elissa Fink and Dieter Heinzer


                                    Danke an euch alle :-)

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