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    context filters

    noor dudekula

      i am connecting oracle database data source. for oracle data base schema we don't have create table privileges.if i try to create context filter by connecting this database it will give error or not

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          Bill Lyons

          Tableau never changes the data source in any way, including creating or changing tables, views, stored procedures, etc. All access is read-only. The "temporary table" created due to a context filter is kept in local workstation memory or the extract, not in the original data source.


          So, no, it will not give you an error for that reason.

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            noor dudekula

            Tableau documentation  says that


            "Context filters are particularly useful for relational data sources because a temporary table is created. This table is automatically generated by Tableau when you set the context, and acts as a separate (smaller) data source that results in increased performance when you build data views.

            For SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle data sources, you must have permission to create a temporary table on the server."


            is it means if we don't have permission to create table in Oracle schema we cant use context filter?

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              Dan Huff



              If you do not have permissions to create temporary tables, Tableau will fall back to other methods to get the same functionality using different query structures. There should be no functionality lost if you do not have permissions to create temporary tables.


              Dan Huff

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                Bill Lyons

                Thanks, Dan. I learned something here: I didn't know the "temporary table" Tableau produces could actually be on the server side. It is good to know that Tableau automatically detects and adapts to the situation. Very nice indeed.


                I think the bottom line is: if you aren't sure if it will work, try it! If it works, no harm was done: Tableau will never harm your original data source. Even if it creates a temporary table somewhere, the original data source remains unchanged. If you want to know exactly what Tableau did, you can examine the log files.

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                  Dan Huff

                  Thanks for turning my rambling into intelligible sentences . I am always a big fan of the "just try it" approach. Pretty much how I learned Tableau.

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                    Shawn Wallwork

                    I am always a big fan of the "just try it" approach. Pretty much how I learned Tableau.


                    Isn't that how everyone learns Tableau? Certainly the 'just try it' approach is how I answer most forum questions. The only difference between me and a newbie is that I know what to try.