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    Embed html5 video onto dashboard play mp4 videos

    Jerry Chen

      Is it possible to embed videos to play on tableau dashboard? or use HTML5's function to play mp4 clips inside the dashboard like the same way you can embed youtube video inside the dashboard. So far i have not found a solid way to do so.

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          Rajeev Pandey

          Hi Jerry,



          I am not sure about the HTML5 video .We need to use video tag not sure about that.

          <video id="sampleMovie" src="HTML5Sample.mov" width=”640” height=”360”></video>


          but aware of how you can embed a youtube videos.Please find the below approach

          1. Copy the embed URL for the video. If your video is on YouTube, the URL should look similar to the following: //www.youtube.com/embed/<text>.
          2. In Tableau Desktop, open the dashboard.
          3. On the Side Bar, double-click Web Page.
          4. In the Edit URL dialog box, paste the embed code, and then click OK.


          Useful Information:




          There are a number of options when embedding YouTube videos into Tableau.

          • Each video on YouTube has it's own URL. The URL for this video is:

            Under each video in YouTube there is a "Share" option. This returns a link for the video.

            There is also an "Embed" option which has a link listed in some HTML code.

            If you input each one of these as "Webpage" URL in Tableau you will notice that the first two show the entire YouTube page, while the third one embeds the video as a full window. Notice that in each case the video ID is exactly the same,KdoBuNNvVec. The third link, the "embed" link, will be our starting point.

            Here is a list of useful parameters when embedding YouTube videos that can be added to the link.

          &hd=1Embeds the video in high definition
          Note - this won't work embedding iframes
          &vq=hd720Alternate version which should work in Tableau
          &start=35Starts the video at a specific time in seconds (in this case at 35 seconds)
          &autoplay=1Sets autoplay feature so that video starts automatically
          (default is to not start automatically)
          &color=whiteChanges the color on the playback bar to white instead of the default red
          Note - white disables modestbranding
          &rel=0Disables the related videos at the end of the video
          &autohide=1Hides all controls and video title on start
          &autohide=2Shows play controls, but hides all other controls and video title on start
          &showsearch=0Prevents users from searching for other videos
          &modestbranding=1Removes YouTube branding to make videos look more professional
          &loop=1&playlist=KdoBuNNvVecLoops video after playback
          Note - this will not loop a partial video using &start. It will alternate instead.



          Putting some of these together embeds a full screen high definition video that autoplays starting at 50 seconds with auto-hide controls.



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            Jerry Chen

            HI This is for youtube embeding. I don't have any issues with youtube.

            but i'm talking about the physical video files on my hard drive. I have 10 MP4 video files that I have recorded with my drone about a project. I would like to embed it to play them. I tried to use HTML5 to make a webpage and have tableau look for that webpage. but it will redirect to my browser and play the file.


            Is there any ways to just play it inside the tableau container?

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              Paulo Dantas

              I think this isn´t allow by Tableau Desktop.


              Just with the steps that Rajeev said.



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                Bruno Rafael da Silva

                Is it possible to insert video in which versions? In 10.1 I can not, even following the steps above.