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    Changing views with a parameter including a group

    Melissa Black

      Hi all,


      I am having some issues getting my sheet to do exactly what I want. I have created a view that can be changed using a parameter including a CASE calculation and it works great on 'normal' dimensions. However, for one of the dimensions I want to group the data to make it more meaningful/meet licencing regulations of the data and this is where I become stuck!


      Unfortunately it is sensitive data so I am unable to share but the steps I have taken so far are to create a parameter to allow the user to select the dimension they want and then I have previously used the CASE calculation below:


      CASE [Column 1 category]

      WHEN 'Ethnicity' THEN [Ethnicity]

      WHEN 'Gender' THEN [Gender]

      WHEN 'Age' THEN [Age]

      ELSE ''


      But for this new set of data I would like to use a grouped version of age and I cant get the calculation to work.