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    Am I ready for the Advanced Training?

    Ben Cole

      Heyo Everyone,

      For two months I've been building dashboards daily for my Business Intelligence department. I've run through a handful of the basic trainings and feel like a seasoned beginner. Before my Tableau certification exam should I take the Fundamentals Tableau Training or the Advanced Tableau Training.???

      Has anyone taken the fundamentals or advanced classes?

      how difficult were they? how fast paced? What should I do to get the most out of them?

      Its hard to quantify skill level, do yall need a dashboard showing my tableau strengths and weaknesses??? ha.

      I feel comfortable with (dual axis graphs, dashboard actions, heat maps, parameters, data blending, reference lines, basic calcs...)

      My edges are (LOD cals, learning about sets, when to use what parts of the tool really, trouble shooting in general)


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          Sankarmagesh Rajan

          Hi Ben,


          Do some complex work in tableau and get knowledge.

          Training will not help in certification. Hard work will help.

          Go certification link and get sample questions.




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            Carl Slifer

            Howdy Ben!


            As Sankar suggested I would follow the links below in order to get a better idea what skills are tested in the exam . The first one is a list of what is taught in the advanced course and the second one are what is expected in order to pass the certification exams (if you can get all the practice question correct and do so quickly, then you're ready).





            Believe it or not, often we have individuals who attend advanced training who have never used Tableau. This is of course not remotely ideal but these individuals are able to glean quite a bit from the course.  If you're comfortable with everything on the list that you've mentioned you would certainly be ready for the advanced course. In fact a lot of the advanced courses might just be a refresher for you. I had used Tableau extensively for over a year and a half before I attended trainings and although most of it was a refresher there were little things I picked up which are incredibly valuable to me now as a consultant and as a trainer. In short really there is so much in Tableau, that you end up not knowing what you do not know. We develop long workarounds to solutions that are really just a click away.


            I took the exam without attending the training but I had been using the tool for a long time. While Sankar is correct that the trainings are not designed to assist you in passing the exam they do teach you skills that you can use on the exam. Its not a direct relationship of course, but training is usually not a bad thing.


            Even if you pass the test, there is still plenty to learn that is taught in the trainings and I would recommend them. In order to get the most out of trainings I would come prepared, be fresh eyed and bushy tailed every day, and ask questions. You get the book and the internet for the rest of your life, but the trainer is there for just two days.


            Obviously I cannot say, "Yes, go to training" or "No go take the test", but I hope some of the insight I've offered here will give you more background and assist you in making your own decision.


            Carl Slifer


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              Jim Wahl

              I'd go for the advanced.


              If there are parts of the intro training that you are less comfortable with, check out the online tutorials, which are generally excellent.


              For a deeper dive on sets, LODs or table calcs, I'd also check out the TC15 conference sessions, which I believe are available to the public -- or in any case you can google these topics and find good Tableau-run webinars. The online documentation for LODs is excellent, by the way. I found that it highlighted a couple of things that the many blogs and other writeups glossed over.


              The advantage of the training is that you get exposure to things that you might not otherwise use. Even if you don't use these on a regular basis, it's nice to know they exist.

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                Daniel Vincent

                Jump off into the unknown/deep end is my motto.  With Tableau you always have a safety net with on demand videos, webinars, and the forum. 


                With the latter you can ramp up in area's you may have not much experience with.  Just look out for posts which you want to get better at, like LoD's.  Answering a few questions a day from the forum will give you the experience you need to hone your skill set. 

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                  Rody Zakovich

                  Hey Ben,


                  I'm a big believer in the fundamentals. There are a lot of cool stuff we can do in Tableau that a lot of people over look because they jump into the more advanced stuff, without taking the time to really study the basics. You should definitely review/study the getting started material, and go through the online help files as much as you can. This will give you a very strong foundation of the basics, which makes learning the more advanced topics a little easier.


                  A great example of this is Blue Pills vs Green Pills, and how they affect your visualizations. This is a "fairly" basic topic, but a strong understanding of it goes a long ways into helping you better understand advanced table calcs, LoD Calcs, and Densification. Even if you think you got, read more on it. There are a lot of subtle things that get overlooked.


                  Also, and this is from personal experience, jumping right into Advanced topics can have some negative effects, specifically, over-complicating calculations/problems. There are many times where you can get so into the details of how to do a table calc that you "Can't see the forest for the trees".


                  Best regards and best of luck!


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                    Ben Cole

                    Hi Carl,


                    Thanks for your thoughts, 


                    The Exam Prep Guide you shared looks great.  It is titled Desktop 8, Qualified Associate, but probably good enough study guide for the Desktop 9 Qualified Professional.

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                      Ben Cole

                      there is a Desktop 9 Qualified Professional

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