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    Re: Help in mapping Guam

    Shawn Wallwork

      Rather than replying to old threads like this, you're better off search the Idea section for this Idea (or creating one) and then voting/commenting there. I'm (re)locking this thread.


      Or better yet making sure that Guam ZIPs are NOT in the Tableau DB before voicing a complaint.



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          Sean Boon

          We do have post code coverage for Guam.  The following post codes are available.


          Post Code|Country

          96932|United States

          96931|United States

          96929|United States

          96928|United States

          96923|United States

          96921|United States

          96917|United States

          96916|United States

          96915|United States

          96913|United States

          96912|United States

          96910|United States


          Let us know if these are not working or if you are expecting a different set.