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    Calling All Tableau Server Admins

    Michael Perillo

      This is an invitation to join the Official International Server Admin Tableau User Group (ISATUG).  ISATUG provides Tableau Server administrators a venue to share knowledge, provide support and move the Tableau benchmark forward.  Join today: www.isatug.org


      Official Tableau Community: International Server Admin (ISATUG)


      Next Meeting Event Info:


      Date: November 17, 2015
      Time: 9:00am - 10:30am PT


      Event URL: https://www.gotomeet.me/isatug



      1. Welcome

      2. Guest Speaker Jason Frankenfield, The Climate Corporation, San Francisco - AWS Elastic Load Balancer and Tableau Server

      3. Review Tableau Server Release Notes

      4. What's in Tableau 9.2 Discussion

      5. Who's Upgrading to 9.1 / 9.2

      6. Reflections from TC15

      7. Member Announcements

      8. Next ISATUG Webinar 12/8/15 (Tuesday)

      9. Closing Remarks