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    Calculating percentage difference compared to previous week number


      I'm trying to calculate the percentage of difference of number of records compared to the previous week. Doesn't have to be rolling, as I'm trying to find it for the difference between today's week compared to last.


      So I've got my date field in the Columns as WEEK(Registration Timestamp) and the SUM(Number of Records) in the Rows. So the line graph right now shows the # of records with a Registration Timestamp of that week.


      How do I get the %age difference from the previous week? I've followed this tutorial, but can't get it working at the week number level:Percent Difference From Calculation


      When I go to add in a table calculation, I make the calculation type as 'Percent Difference From', Calculate the difference along: 'Registration Timestamp', At the level 'Day of Registration Timestamp' and the Display the value as a percent difference from: 'Previous'


      So my first question is: why is there no 'week' option for the parameter "At the level"?


      Second, how do I do this for the absolute date, not all the 1st of each month?