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    Drop down filters moving on screen

    Sara Starkey

      Hello- I am new to Tableau and have been creating pages on Tableau Desktop. I am then posting them on Tableau Public so I can link the pages to our company shared portal webpage so everyone can access the information. Things work great on the Desktop version but I have found that on the Public version when clicking on some of the filters, the drop down options move to the other side of the screen. This is not the case for all filters, just some. Any ideas how to stop this from happening? Thanks!

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          Dustin Wyers

          Is it possible for you to attach screenshot of the movement?  Or even better, a twbx that we can see it in action ourselves?


          Dustin Wyers


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            Lauren F.

            I'm having this issue as well, actually. I would love to know how to fix it! I suspect this has something to do with the recent Tableau Public update (Version 9.1.1). I created a Tableau Story using version 9.1 and had viewed it on the the Tableau Public website a few times - it looked and worked fine. Later (a few days after the update came out - I haven't updated the version I have downloaded though), I was looking at the Story again on the website, but I noticed a few strange things.


            1) When I clicked on the drop-down filters, they opened across the screen (as Sara describes). I also noticed that the little arrow on the filter (where you click) had moved from the side to the middle of the bar/filter there - this has now reverted back to the side without me doing anything.


            2) I'd hidden a null value from a filter (so people wouldn't have the option to select it), but now it is appearing.


            This is what it looks like in Tableau Public on my computer/desktop. (Note no "null value." The Department filter drops down right underneath where you see that filter).




            This is what it looks like online. (As I mentioned above, the arrow in the Department drop-down filter has moved back to the side, not the middle as shown here).


            This is what it looks like online with the filter in action (sorry for the poor quality image!).

            filter prob.jpeg


            I'd appreciate any help with this! Here's the link if anyone wants to see it in action: | Tableau Public


            Other info: I've been using Firefox the whole time to view my creation online (when it was working correctly, and when it was not).

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              Lauren F.

              I'm having a similar problem, so I posted my screenshots below in response to Sara. If you have any advice on how to fix this issue, it would be greatly appreciated!

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                Dan Huff

                Hey folks--


                This is a known issue on Tableau Public and it will be fixed when we upgrade it next. I have verified that this is fixed with a number of workbooks. I have also found that a temporary workaround exists. From the workbooks I've tested, I was able to avoid the problem by increasing the width of the filter on the dashboard. It takes some experimentation but may help out in the mean time.


                Thanks for raising this issue to our attention nonetheless.


                Dan Huff