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    Show tooltip for deepest drill down of heirarchy


      I have a Heirarchy on Rows.  There are 2 levels to the Heirarchy:  Parent > Broker.  I want my tooltip to show the parent name if it is not expanded but when the user clicks on the + to Drill down, I want the tooltip to show the broker name.  If I Reset the tooltip, Tableau knows to add or remove data that is not being used but if I try to customize my tooltip to make it more meaningful, it doesn't work.  When I include <Broker> to the tooltip and it is not drilled down to that level, no tooltip shows at all because Broker is not in the view.  Any ways around this?

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          Esther Aller

          Hey Brandon,


          When I was playing around with this I found that Tableau Desktop will hide everything that is in the same line as a missing field. Automatically Tableau Desktop will place each field on its own line. So one possible solution is to ensure that the fields that are not always on the view are on their own lines.


          Another option would be to create a calculation that will return an empty string "" when the hierarchy is drilled up (aka when there is more than one value of [Broker] per mark on the view) to use in the tooltip:


          1. Create a calculated field with a name like "Broker for Tooltip" with a calculation similar to the following:

            IF COUNTD( [Broker] ) > 1
            THEN ""
            ELSE "Broker:" + MIN( [Broker] )

            Note: I included the heading for [Broker] because I want the header to disappear as well.
          2. Drag [Broker for Tooltip] to Tooltip on the marks card. When the field is on Tooltip, then Tableau Desktop will be able to add the information to the Tooltip even the the field is not shown in the view
          3. Edit tooltip as desired


          I hope this answers your question!

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            Those seem like great ideas.  I'll try to work  them in. Thanks for your help!