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    Holding on to a value

    Christina Phillips

      Hi everyone,


      Private data I am afraid so hopefully I can explain well enough.


      I have a value for delivered goods which occurs when a field has a certain setting.  I am using this field in many viz's by using


            IF transaction = XXX then




      I have done this for a few fields since they represent different transactions.  The data set is spread over time so when one of these values occurs it only occurs on that date.


      What I want to achieve is a calculation which lets me combine the running sum of two of these calculated fields.  Is there any way this can be done?


      I am able to graph the two running sums and this is good but I cannot do a calculation of one minus the other.  What I need to do is to hold onto the total value of each of them as I move along the table.  Can this be done?  In a prog language I would use a variable to hold the values then just minus one from the other at each point in time but Tableau is not really a programming language.


      Thanks in advance