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    Upgrade from 9.0 to 9.1 for distributed system

    Mike Ciance

      We are currently on 9.0.4 and are planning to upgrade to 9.1.1.  When I did the upgrade on our dev system something went wrong and it wouldn't set up our worker server.  Per support I had to uninstall everything on both servers and start over again.  This worked. 


      My question is with a distributed system (1 primary and 1 worker) is the upgrade process to uninstall primary and then install primary and not do anything on the worker?  This is what the documentation says when upgrading from 9.0.x to 9.0.x.  Since we are upgrading to 9.1.1 I would assume we need to first uninstall the primary, next uninstall the worker, then install 9.1.1 on the worker and finally install 9.1.1 on the primary?  Of course prior to doing any of this I will take a backup.  Can anyone confirm that uninstalling and reinstalling on the worker is required when upgrading from 9.0.4 to 9.1.1?