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    Server upgrade Failed

    Pat Willinger

      While I'm waiting to hear back from Support, I'd thought I start asking the community...


      I was migrating our Dev server from 9.0.2 to 9.0.6 when towards the end of the upgrade, I was at Initializing Tableau Server API Server when I received an initialization failure.  Viewing the tabadmin log...



      ==  DomainIdNotNull: migrating ================================================
      -- execute("\n          UPDATE system_users\n          SET domain_id = (SELECT id FROM domains WHERE name = 'local')\n          WHERE domain_id IS NULL;\n          ALTER TABLE system_users ALTER domain_id SET NOT NULL;\n      ")
         -> 0.0160s
         -> 0 rows
      ==  DomainIdNotNull: migrated (0.0160s) =======================================

      ==  EnsureGuestUserExistsOnAllSites: migrating ================================
      rake aborted!
      An error has occurred, this and all later migrations canceled:

      can't clone NilClass


      ... the highlighted portion is at the end of the log.  Whether it has anything to do with this, we recently activated Guest in our environments, Dev, QA and Prod.


      I could perform a clean install and then use the Dev backup but then that doesn't help me with knowing why the upgrade failed and given I'm upgrading QA and Prod next week, I'd like to know.


      Thoughts from any one?