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    tabcmd get / export pdf


      Hello everyone,


      We're currently on Tableau Server 9.0.5


      • I'm trying to use the get / export command to export a view into a pdf file.
        • I'm able to successfully execute the command and it generates the pdf file.
      • The issue I'm having is that it only generates the worksheet title and nothing else.
        • The workbook is on an extract


      Examples of commands I used

      • GET Command
        • tabcmd get "views/pdftest/view_1?department=A&fiscal_year=2015" -f "C:\test.pdf"
      • EXPORT Command
        • tabcmd export "pdftest/view_1?department=A&fiscal_year=2015" --pdf -filename "C:\test.pdf"


      Is there something I need to configure on my workbook? Or something else I'm missing?


      It's just odd that only the worksheet title is populating and nothing else of the report. I know the report is working because I went to it and it display correctly. Even when I export to pdf it displays properly.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!