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    Unable to create extract

    Michael Malgeri

      I’m running Tableau 9.1 on my Mac and on a Windows7 Virtual Machine. 

      I’m connecting to a MarkLogic database using the web connector. 

      Everything works fine on my Mac. 

      One the WindowsVM I’m able to access the web connector, however, when I click the “Get Data” button I get the following error: 


      Unable to create extract. The image is displayed below.  I’ve verified bi-directional network connectivity between the VM and my Mac (which is running MarkLogic).


      Any tips on where to go from here?

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          Hey Michael,


          My feeling is that the issue could be a network-style issue related to the port sharing between the Mac and the Virtual Machine. I've seen those sorts of issues with virtual machines before (having used them many times for my own mac). Do you have a PC you could try using to see if the same issue occurs?