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    Filtering Top Corporations... HOW TO?!?!!?

    Iliyan Stoimenov

      Hi Everyone,


      I have been stuck on problem with filtering in tableau for a very long time now and decided to ask for help here.


      Attached you will find a tableau file containing 2 sheets and a dashboard - summarizing market shares and average prices for certain products and companies. Bear in mind that I have tried to anonymize the data as much as possible before posting.


      Long story short, first sheet has the corporations with their average prices throughout the periods of interest, broken into 2 categories (Gx and Non-Gx). For the second sheet we have the corporations' market share. There are a couple of filters for the products (in this case it is called Mol list) that are being applied to both sheets as to make the relevant analysis for the dashboard.


      My end goal is to be able to filter the number of corporations I see on the dashboard that contains both sheets. For instance, I would like to see the top 3 corporations in terms of Average Price (Descending order) and top 5 corporations in market share (again in descending fashion). So far I have not had much luck with the filtering as you could see in the attached file.


      Do you have any comments or suggestions? I tried using sets but with not success.


      Thank you in advance.