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    How to configure Google Analytics for OAuth?

    Nick Priestley

      So we have Tableau Server and we've had a workbook using GA published to the server successfully refreshing daily using embedded credentials i.e. google account username and password. After a month it stopped refreshing on Tableau Server with the error 'Unable to Refresh access-token'.


      All advice points me in the direction of OAuth so i've setup OAuth on the google side and I now have a client id and secret which are also setup on my server. My question now is how do i get my data source to use this? I'm still getting the error. I can't see a way to pubish using desktop with my OAuth credentials and when i publish using tabcmd using this type of command e.g. "C:\Tableau Workbooks\analysis_sfdc.tde" -n "Sales Analysis" --oauth-username "username" --save-oauth it doesn't recognise my credentials, I've tried using both my clientId and the email address as the username but neither are recognised.


      Incidentally the same time Tableau server stopped refreshing my data source i also receive an error in Tableau desktop if i try to re-publish any workbook with a GA data source set to refresh automatically. The error is simply 'Internal Server error' DataSourceException.


      Please help!