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    How to update a primary group

    Morgan DUARTE

      Hi there,


      I'm using couple of primary groups to link secondaries tables together. Here is an example:

      Primary Source = Sales by Reference

      Secondary Source A = Product Category for every reference (linked to the primary Source)

      Secondary Source B = Target by Product Category


      So I have done a Primary Group to get the Product Category in the Primary Source that help me to get the Target.

      It works fine, but I need to update frequently this primary group and did not found how to do it...


      Any recommendation?


      Or do you have a better practice than using a primary group to link 2 differents secondary sources?

      Thank you

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          Thomas McCullough

          Hi Morgan,


          If I read this correctly, you are using a group to blend the three data sources and you need to be able to update this group quickly.


          It may be worth investigating using a small lookup table for all of your primary groups.  You'd still have to manage them manually, but you wouldn't have to change anything in Tableau.  This would be much easier.


          Otherwise if a simple field calculation could serve as your grouping mechanism, built on dynamic criteria instead of literal strings.


          Hope this helps.




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            Morgan DUARTE

            Thank you Thomas,


            A field calculation will not work since, the secondary sources are simply some pyramids that are being updated frequently. (Could be every day)


            Concerning your first suggestion, I'm unclear on what to do...I can have a table to link the secondary source A with Primary Source and another table to link secondary source B with Primary Source that will be refreshed automatically then, but what next?


            I'm still quite new with Tableau

            Thanks a lot!