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    Displaying colors on polygon map to show max count of dimension

    cam avent



      Relatively new Tableau user here.  I have territories mapped out via a polygon map and wanted to add a color feature to show which territories have the highest count of a specific dimension.  For example, let's say I mapped out territories for salesman and wanted to find out what their highest product sold was.  I don't want to see the number but rather just the name of the dimension.  When I drag the dimension on to the color option and change the calculation to maximum, it cuts off the list of available options and does not actually display the dimension with the highest total for each region.  I also tried to create a level of detail calculation but that only displayed numbers.  I have already created a polygon map with colors displaying different ranges of sales but again since this isn't a number but a specific dimension I can't figure it out.  Any help?


      Sorry, I know it's customary to upload example files for reference but this data is confidential and given how new I am to Tableau I don't want to risk upload the wrong data.  Thanks!