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    help with panel chart

    Steve Gesuale



      I'm struggling with creating a panel chart - one store per panel.


      I think the problem is in the Index calc and likely a partitioning issue, but every option I try makes it worse. For some reason, it restarts at seemingly random months...


      Can anyone guide me in the right direction?





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          Are you looking to have, for example, the Houston store to be all one chart instead of the two charts that you're showing here?   Are those extra rows you have (SqRt, index, rowid and column id) in the crosstab have to be there?   Removing those gets you to one graph per store.


          Edited: How about dragging all of those items to the detail tab - they'll be hidden from the visualization, and you'll get one line per chart.



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            Steve Gesuale

            Hi Ann,


            Thanks for the reply. I'm trying to get a 4x4 grid - like on Sheet 1 - so SQRT and index would be removed but Row ID and Column ID would remain. YOu can see how it's messed up that worksheet...



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              Like this?

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                Steve Gesuale

                Right - that shows the problem: it's combining multiple stores into single panels b/c of the erroneous (I think) Index calc.


                I can't figure out the partitioning so the index calc doesn't restart at some months...



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                  I'm not sure your index calc is wrong.  It's just a straightforward index -1.    I think your partitioning issue is with the Column ID since, for example, in my chart above, you've got Boston showing up in column id 1 and column id 2.  Because they have separate column ID's you can't group them that way (same thing is happening in Sheet 1).


                  So, to be clear, you're trying to get all of each store in the same square (so all of Boston in one, all of Atlanta in another) with a continuous line of the sum(sales), yes?  Or am I completely missing the point?


                  edited: Try this - clear your worksheet, or start another one.  Throw month(date) on columns and sum(Sales) on rows.  Then add Row ID on rows, change it to Discrete and Compute Using store.  Add Column ID to columns, change it to Discrete and Compute Using Store. Put Store on color - don't add anything else yet - does that get you closer to what you want to see?



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                    Steve Gesuale

                    Thanks for your continued help.


                    Yes, one store per panel with a line of sales by month is the goal.


                    When I follow your steps, I'm unable to Compute Using Store unless I add Store to the view after which I get the same result. Unless I'm misinterpreting them?



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                      Hi Steve,

                      Happy Monday.   Yes, put store on color and label (sorry, I left that part out).  But that still puts multiple stores in the same panel.   I'll keep tweaking at it and see what happens - I think the partitioning is what is going to be the problem with getting them all separated.


                      HA!  Got it.  That same visual that I told you to do in my prior response - change Month to discrete and see what happens:

                      Panel with discrete month.png

                      I think that's what you're looking for - now you'll just have to format your axis for month, and make it pretty (adjust your colors if you want, etc).   I've also included the workbook, even though it's 9.1.1, just in case it helps someone else.



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                        Steve Gesuale

                        Yes - that's it! Thanks for the ongoing help - much appreciated!

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                          You're welcome!  I can't believe it took me this long to find that one simple thing that changed it all...