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    Can I see the original point/source of an extract?

    Emanuel Villa

      Sorry if a dup, didn't know exactly how to phrase this question, but couldn't find my answer, long story short, this is the problem:


      Person A created Oracle Views.

      Person A created Tableau Extracts from those Views.

      Person A published those extracts to our Tableau server.

      People A, B and C, use the published extracts as sources for Tableau Workbooks, everybody is happy.

      Person A leaves company.


      Person B, spots a little count error between a Workbook connected to Extract 1 and the Oracle view that Extract 1 suppose to be connected to.


      Is there a way we can corroborate that Extract 1 is connected to Oracle View 1 and Extract 2 is connected to Oracle View 2 ?


      Does this makes sense? Really don;t know how else to phase this.

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